About / Approach

Mutual Capacity Building
CIMERA brings together teams of specialists from the East and the West. By professional cooperation, we aim to strengthen organizational skills and professional knowledge of our partners. As well as to develop capacity in the West so as to face the challenges of international cooperation in transitional countries.

Conflict Prevention
CIMERA projects integrate a regional approach between professionals in areas with conflict potential. The professional collaboration and confrontation with other points of view enhance the understanding of the fears and hopes of the conflicting side, and give to our work a conflict prevention angle.

Research and practice
CIMERA combines academic research and practical experience. The regions concerned face complex and rapid change. International cooperation needs to be based on a sound analysis of the ground realities, combined with a theoretic analysis of the possibilities, and potential, of change.
Civic development:
A decade of transition and conflicts in the East has led to the weakening of the region. The active participation of citizens in the process of democratisation and conflict resolution is a crucial step to achieve stability and social justice.
Media support:
The media often fail to be an organ for public information and debate in the Balkans and the post-Soviet countries. By journalist training and institutional development, we help to raise professional standards of reporting.
Research and analysis:
The socio-political changes that the post-Soviet countries and the Balkans face are rapid and complex. In-depth analysis and research are essential for international cooperation in the fields of democratic governance and civic development.

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