CIMERA projects focus on media development, improving reporters' professionalism, and creating conditions for cross-border cooperation between journalists. Although media is a fast mean by which to exchange information and to form public opinion, nevertheless, it needs lively political debates, an active civil society and basic knowledge of the socio-political realities to enrich its content. Therefore, we complete our engagement in the media sector with projects within the field of language politics and other activities enhancing civic participation.

CIMERA works in the
Caucasus, Central Asia and the Balkans. Our projects are undertaken in partnership with experts and organizations based in these regions. We aim to strengthen organizational skills and professional knowledge of our partners. As well as to develop capacity in the West so as to face the challenges of international cooperation in transitional countries.

CIMERA is also active in
Switzerland, where we foster projects in the field of volunteering and raise awareness re the importance of civic engagement for the democratic functioning of a society.

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