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Phase 4
June 2003 – December 2005


The fourth phase of the Central Asia Media Support Project has begun in June 2003. This new phase, entirely financed by the Swiss Office for Development and Co-operation (SDC) and implemented by CIMERA will pursue two main objectives: the improvement of the quality of the information provided by some selected newspapers, and the improvement of access to information on official bodies for journalists and media. The work on this second objective involves professional media associations or organizations in the countries concerned by the project. The project works on a regional basis, in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan.

Central Asia Media Project
July 1999 – December 2002

Following the collapse of the Soviet Union, professional interaction and exchange between the former Central Asian republics decreased drastically. Such isolation is damaging for journalists because they are forced to report on events happening in neighbouring countries without first-hand knowledge of same. Taking into account the existence of tensions, even bloody conflicts, this lack of exchange and cooperation becomes alarming.

The Central Asia Media Project (CA Media) provides technical training to journalists from Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. At the same time, the project organizes a cycle of thematic conferences, inviting experts, public figures and academics to lecture to our focused group of journalists on actualities such as the sources of tension in Ferghana Valley, censorship and media development in Central Asia, lessons of civil war and reconciliation in Tajikistan.


Achievement of balanced and informative reporting in the regional media;

Training of journalists, including an introduction to professional standards as they are practised in the international media;

Reinforcement of our partner's organizational capacities;

Implementation of research projects to obtain insight into the mechanisms of the media structures in Central Asia.

Activities and Results

Two regional training workshops in Bishkek (June 2000) and in Almaty (Decembre 2000), each one with 20 journalists from the printed press. Addressed issues such as news, features, and commentary writing, interview techniques, source verification, writing styles, the role of the media in various societies, etc.;
Three regional conferences on thematic issues: in Tashkent (January 2000) on evolution of mass media in Central Asia , in Osh (May 2000) on sources of conflicts in Ferghana Valley and in Dushanbe (September 2000) on lessons of civil war and national reconciliation in Tajikistan;
Report on Media Situation in Tajikistan (October 2000);

Report on Media Situation in Uzbekistan (September 2001);
Three regional trainings for journalists in Samarkand (Uzbekistan, April 2001), Bishkek (June 2001), Tashkent (November 2001) and a workshop in Bishkek (December 2001).
Three regional conferences: in Tashkent (April 2001) on the status of national, cultural and religious minorities in Central Asia, in Bishkek (June 2001) on cooperation on a regional level, dynamics of integration and disintegration in Central Asia and in Tashkent (November 2001) on the consequences of the 11th September for Central Asia.
Six-weeks on-site training in a local newspaper in Dushanbe.

Research report on Media Situation in Kyrgyzstan (to be published in the beginning 2002);
Three regional conferences: in Dushanbe (April 2002) on Islam and Central Asia, in Almaty (June 2002) on Natural Resources in Central Asia and in Dushanbe (October 2002) on the Transition in Central Asia.
On-site Trainings (November 2002) in newspapers of Uzbekistan and Tajikistan.
Monthly publication of the Media Insight Central Asia
MICA in Russian and in English. MICA presents news and features on media-related developments in Central Asian, written by the CA Media focus group of journalists;

Successful collaboration between CIMERA and three partner organizations in Central Asia.

Research on the role of Tajik media in the Civil War
Research on contemporary media
Research on women in the media in Central Asia

Acces to information
Media Insight Central Asia

Project Partners
International In-Service Training for Journalists, Tashkent, Uzbekistan
Director: Gulnara Babajanova
Osh Media Resource Centre, Osh, Kyrgyzstan
Director: Alisher Khamidov
NANSMIT, Dushanbe, Tajikistan
Director: Nuriddin Korshiboev
Agency for Political Research, Al-Maty, Kazahkstan
Director: Elan Karin
Issyk-Kul Tour

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CIMERA Conference in Tashkent,
January 2000

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CIMERA workshop, Bishkek,
July 2000

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