Projects / International Year of Volunteers 2001

The General Assembly of the United Nations proclaimed 2001 the International Year of Volunteers (IYV). The aim of the year is to emphasise the importance of volunteer work world-wide and to improve its socio-economic influence (impact) on societies.
CIMERA fosters different projects in Switzerland that facilitate, promote and increase the visibility of volunteer work.

In September 1998, CIMERA member Carine Bachmann co-initiated a process in Switzerland bringing together social organisations working with volunteers across all sectors of the civil society, including health, sports, music, human rights and environment. Its objective was to set up a national plan of action for the International Year of Volunteers IYV. This process lead to the founding of a non-profit national umbrella organization (September 1999) called has over 100 member organizations, has set up a parliamentary group and launches different national projects in order to promote further innovative volunteer activities and increase their recognition. Carine Bachmann works today as a consultant to the direction of this forum, coaching different projects.



Conference on Corporate Volunteering
Rüschlikon, Switzerland, Mai 17, 2001

Corporate Volunteering is a volunteering scheme where employees with their skills render good services to non-profit organizations, or work on social projects. CIMERA was mandated to research on „Corporate Volunteering in Europe“, and participate at the conference as an expert for the elaboration of the concept and programme.

Cultural Percentage of Migros Cooperatives, Switzerland

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