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Seminar on Federalism for Bosnian Journalists
October 1998

The fall of Yugoslavia at the beginning of the 90s can be viewed as the failure of its components to address, among others, the crucial question of the status of minorities, and the functioning of a very complex multi-cultural society. After the war, a federal system was imposed upon Bosnia-Herzegovina without the population being involved in the concerned dialogue. Thus, the present situation in Bosnia is not as conceived and expressly demanded by the various ethnic communities who had claimed to be willing to live together whilst retaining their autonomy.

To discuss the practical problems and ambiguities arising from the federal status of Bosnia Herzegovina with local and international experts.

CIMERA organized a two-day seminar in Sarajevo, for the attention of Bosnian journalists, to encourage their understanding of a the concept of federalism. Fifteen journalists originating from the three main communities of Bosnia –Bosnians, Croats, Serbs- joined the seminar. Some aspects of the Swiss federal model –the language policy, repartition of power between federal and regional bodies, the question of minorities- were addressed and discussed with the journalists.
Charles Veillon Foundation, Switzerland

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