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Tajikistan : Guide to Parliamentary Elections 2005
Dushanbe 2004, 122 pages

This Guidebook was prepared in three languages, Tajik, Russian and English, to help various professionals to better cover or monitor the Parliamentary Elections in Tajikistan of February 2005. It includes background information on Tajikistan, a report on the last parliamentary elections (2000), information on Tajik law on elections, political parties and their programmes, and concludes by useful addresses.

This project was realized thanks to the support of the OSCE office in Tajikistan, the Swiss Development and Cooperation (SDC), and implemented by CIMERA office in Dushanbe.
The Guidebook was part of a larger project of CIMERA in collaboration with OSCE and SDC, during the parliamentary elections, which included preparation of radio and television adverts on the elections addressed to the population of Tajikistan.

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Contents Part I - Tajikistan - General Data Part I - Tajikistan - Economics Part I - Tajikistan - Some aspects of the social policy Part II - Tajikistan - Parliamentary Elections in 2005

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