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"We are learning by playing: 111 Games for Multilingual Education"

(326 pages, quadrilingual version Armenian, Azeri, Georgian, Russian)

ISBN: 2-88490-013-6

This gamebook is based on a similar publication developed in the framework of CIMERA Multilingual Education project in Kyrgyzstan. The contents has been enlarged, adapted to the Georgian context and translated into Georgian, Armenian and Azeri languages. The new book consists of 111 games focusing on training attention and quick response, cooperation and group work, critical thinking and learning skills development.
The introduction chapter contains a theoretical foundation of interactive methodology as well as practical recommendations on performing the games. The gamebook starts with a foreword from the Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Georgia.


  1. Getting acquainted and team building activities.
  2. Games for training attention and quick response
  3. Games for cooperation and group work
  4. Games for critical thinking and learning skills development
  5. Listening skills processing.
  6. Vocabulary development.
  7. Promotion of communicative ability.
  8. Literacy, reading and writing skills facilitation.

Download by chapter

  1. Contents and foreword Georgian Deputy Minister of Education.pdf
  2. Introduction and methodology.pdf
  3. Chapter 1.pdf
  4. Chapter 2.pdf
  5. Chapter 3.pdf
  6. Chapter 4.pdf
  7. Chapter 5.pdf
  8. Chapter 6.pdf
  9. Chapter 7.pdf
  10. Chapter 8.pdf

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