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Occasional Paper 1:
The historical development and current situation of the mass media in Kyrgyzstan.
Svetlana V. Kulikova, Gulnara Ibraeva (October 2001)
(303 pages, in English and Russian)

For Kyrgyzstan, a newly independent, ethnically and culturally diverse mountainous country, the access and quality of information is crucial to the development of a sense of national belonging and participation. This research, carried out by a team a competent researchers from Kyrgyzstan, gives a rich and detailed insight into the recent history and actual conditions of the media in Kyrgyzstan. Moreover, through the discussion of the findings by the two researchers, and normative basis of their interpretative discourse, one learns a lot about the struggles and debates surrounding the role of media from a Kyrgyz point of view.
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Content  Preface  Introduction  Methodology and methods of research  History of development of a sovereign media system in Kyrgyzstan  Legislation and legal environment for media activities in the Kyrgyz Republic  Current status of mass media in Kyrgyzstan  Causes and nature of information gaps in Kyrgyzstan  Conclusions and recommendations Annexe A: Recommendations for media legislation initiatives  Annexe B: Cases studies  Annexe C: Methods of research, questionnaires and analysis  Annexe D: Kyrgyzstan media database 

Occasional Paper 2:
Journalism & Language: Perceptions and Functions of the Russian- and Kyrgyz-speaking media in Kyrgyzstan.
Gulnara Ibraeva, December 2002
(116 pages, in Russian only)

In Kyrgyzstan, Russian and Kyrgyz language media are read for different purposes and by a different audience. Moreover journalists of either language refer to different journalistic traditions. A team of sociologists, linguists and journalists investigated into the role of stereotypes about Russian and Kyrgyz media, which are expressed by readers, students of journalism and journalists themselves. The reader will find an interesting discussion about the perceived differences which are bigger than the factual differences, as the author shows. This research also gives and overview over thehistoric development of Kyrgyz and Russian media and language in Kyrgyzstan.
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