Conference Proceedings CP7: Language Policies and Education in Multilingual Societies
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CIMERA Publication: MLE Gamebook
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CIMERA Publication: Language Policies and Education in Multilingual Societies
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CIMERA Publication : Emigration and Return: Photo Stories of Armenian migrants
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CIMERA Publication: Tajikistan, Guide to Parliamentary Elections 2005
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Conference Proceedings 6: The Illusions of Transition...
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Access to Information in Central Asia
This publication will  address the issue of journalists'rights and access to information of importance for an open and general public debate.
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Media Insight Central Asia (MICA)
Learn about the political, social and economica situation of the  media in Central Asia. 
Latest issue (April 05)
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Russian Version
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Caucasus Media Bulletin
You want to learn more about the problems and perspectives of independent media in the South Caucasus?
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Annual Reports
The annual reports present the activities implemented during a year by CIMERA, as well as its work approach and its staff and collaborators. Available in English.
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Situation Reports
Provides a deeper insight on a region and a particular issue Available in English.
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Conference Procceedings
Gather the texts of participants of conferences organised in Central Asia on regional themes. Bilingual edition (English and Russian).

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Occasional Papers
Comprehensive research on specific issues Available in Russian or English.
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Other publications:
Academic papers or essays and newspapers articles by the former and present directors of the CIMERA projects.

Check out the last publication works by Britta Korth and Luigi de Martino.
by Vicken Cheterian
by Luigi de Martino
by Britta Korth

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