CIMERA works in the
Caucasus, Central Asia and the Balkans where the serious difficulties of the transition process are aggravated by civil-wars and ethnic conflicts. In these regions, CIMERA is engaged in long-term projects in the fields of media development, education politics and research cooperation. Our activity is not limited to the transfer of technical skills through training and education alone. We work together with opinion-makers and advocates of social change to develop alternatives to the current regional polarization. We facilitate the exchange between Armenian and Azerbaijani journalists, the discussion of the concept of federalism in the Balkans, and organize debates on the lessons to be learned from the civil war in Tajikistan.

CIMERA is also active in Switzerland where we initiate and conduct projects in the field of volunteering and raise awareness on the importance of civic engagement for the democratic functioning of a society. On the other hand, we aim at involving professional circles and the larger public in an in-depth reflection about the complex political, social and economic changes taking place in the regions wherein we work. We give lectures, organize seminars, offer training and participate as experts in various events related to our areas of specialization.

Many conflicts have deep roots
in history

Market in Dushanbe

Russian Church in Almaty

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