Research / Citizenship in the Caucasus

Reinventing Citizenship in the South Caucasus
January 2001 – December 2002

Initiated and coordinated by CIMERA, this international research project under the direction of the Geneva University is a cooperative endeavour between interdisciplinary research teams in Azerbaijan, Armenia and Georgia. The research, entitled Reinventing Citizenship in the South Caucasus, is intended to explore the enduring dynamic contradictions between formal principles and popular conceptions of citizenship in the South Caucasus.

Offer a detailed insight and understanding of the legal framework and institutional status of citizenship and related concepts in Armenia, Azerbaijan and Georgia;
Survey on popular conceptions of citizenship in the three countries;
Description of „regimes of belonging" by a comparative analysis;

Discussion about the significance (or insignificance) of the legal and institutional status of citizenship on the grounds of identified popular conceptions.

Expected results
Provide a contrasted view of the transition process as regards citizenship, in specific consideration of the subjective level, which is too often neglected by policy-makers and international advisers;
Benefit scholars and provide practitioners with highly valuable information which could design future directions for stimulating the participation of all the society groups;
The publication of the research results in English and in Russian, as well as pertinent documents, could serve as an educational tool for students in law, political and social sciences.
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Research Partners
Geneva University, Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences
Professor W. Doise
Tbilisi State University/Caucasian Institute for Peace Democracy and Development
Professor G. Nodia
Armenian National Academy of Sciences/Armenian Sociologist Association
Director G. Pogossian
Azerbaijan Academy of Sciences/ Azerbaijan Psychologist Association
Director J. Efendi

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Swiss National Science Foundation, Programme SCOPES

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