Research / Media in Kyrgyzstan

History, Development and Current Structures of Mass Media in Independent Kyrgyzstan
September 2000- November 2001

In May 2000, CIMERA and the Coordination Office of the Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation SDC in Kyrgyzstan launched a Call for Proposal for a research project analysing the current situation and the problems and perspectives of the mass media in Kyrgyzstan. CIMERA prepared the tender and set up an international selection committee of media specialists. The research grant was awarded to a joint proposal of the Journalist Programme of the American University in Kyrgyzstan and the Sociology Department of the Bishkek Humanitarian University for their project: History, Development and Current Structure of Mass Media in Independent Kyrgyzstan. CIMERA supports and supervises the academic research team in Kyrgyzstan.

Description of the development of the media in Kyrgyzstan over the last decade and the panorama of the existing institutions today;
Analysis of the structures of the major media (representative sample);
Analysis of the major problems of the Kyrgyz media today;
Analysis of the causes and nature of the information gap between South and North Kyrgyzstan.

Expected results
Publication of the research results in English and in Russian, as well as of pertinent documents, which might serve as an educational tool for students of journalism;
Dissemination and presentation of the research results to Central Asian journalists from Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kazhachstan and Kyrgyzstan in the framework of a regional conference within the CA Media Project;
Organisation of a national conference on the current situation and problems of mass media in Kyrgyzstan.

Research direction
American University in Kyrgyzstan, Journalism Programme, Kyrgyzstan
Director: S. Kulikova

Swiss Agency of Development and Cooperation SDC

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